The topic of socioeconomic is quite a complex one. Many factors are considered when discussing this topic, such as how modern societies stagnate, regress, and progress due to the global economy or their local/regional economy. But my book Let the Playing Field Level the Playing Field offers an enlightening look at the modern world’s transformative social dynamics.

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Let the Playing Field Level the Playing Field by Dennis Joiner (that’s me) offers a fascinating tale of proposed societal alterations and the outcomes the author logically expects to happen. The book provides a deep dive into the impact of social and racist norms in the U.S. It also details the steps needed to decrease these societal gaps.

Join me as I walk you through what the book is all about, what message it aims to deliver, and how we can let the playing field level the playing field.

What Let the Playing Field Level the Playing Field is All About

As a critical thinker, I seek to clarify a world of illusions. My book, Let the Playing Field Level the Playing Field, offers a poignant story about the boxes society makes and how crushing those norms might be inevitable. My book explains why we should be mindful of socioeconomics.

It’s time to imagine a future when science has come up with the means to balance the socioeconomic playing field. Imagine everybody having sufficient food, adequate education, healthcare, and outlawing warfare. Of course, such changes or improvements won’t come overnight, but this type of future may be a hand’s reach anytime soon.

When you understand holiness, have gained knowledge, know the difference between information, and be free from your sorrows and pains. People have yet to say what the future has to offer definitively. But nature’s practical intent for communal growth and development, the humanity of a person, and our need for social justice will drive us to be better.

But if we follow the book Let the Playing Field Level the Playing Field by Dennis Joiner, we will understand that our society needs epiphenomena to act as a catalyst.

Equality is at the Forefront of Transformative Social Dynamics

Equality can be found at the frontlines of society that aim to be better. Equal treatment and equal opportunities are essential to encourage the growth of transformative social dynamics. One would think that getting equality in treatment and opportunities is impossible.

But having studied computer science and mathematics at Southern Illinois University, I offer a fresh outlook and angle to America’s socioeconomic troubles. He’s also not afraid to share his unique “systems thinking” analysis regarding American society, along with his vision that goes beyond the challenges and ambiguity of the modern world.

As I said once, “I hope to share with you in this book the epiphany that comes from asking a few key questions about the pathology of race and racism in American society and the dynamics of transformative social epiphenomenon.”

Excerpts One Can Take Away from the Book

In my goal to provide as much information as possible, the book’s length can be daunting for readers. However, all the details from my experiences and studies are there. So, to ease everybody, I’ve provided some excerpts you can quickly check anytime.

 Excerpt #1: “Any conscious efforts to create an inclusive, sustainable, harmonious future in the years ahead will have to address Annaralitis, a form of national psychosis, seriously.”

• Excerpt #2: “Presently, there are many transformative technologic innovations underway capable of enabling a level playing field paradigm shift to take place.”

• Excerpt #3: “The dynamics of the transformative techno-social epiphenomena within the playing field will bring about activated knowledge of the nature of being, the nature of causes, the nature of knowledge, and the nature of human being, the nature of causes, the nature of knowledge, and the nature of human beings. It will bring about humanity’s escape from a world infected with pain, suffering, misery, and intellectual and spiritual blindness—all effects of corruption and evil…”

Let the Playing Field Level the Playing Field by Dennis Joiner (that’s me) is an economic book that everybody will find informative. I am excited to share my book with everyone, which I spent sweat and tears to finish. Be sure to purchase it, and I hope it is of great help.

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